Tough times on the road to Starcraft

The entire team worked long hours, with Bob working stretches of 40 hours, 42 hours, even 48 hours programming. As I recall no one else attempted these sorts of masochistic endeavors, though everyone was putting in massive, ridiculous hours.

My experiences developing Warcraft, with frequent all-nighters coding, and later Diablo, where I coded fourteen-plus hour days seven days a week for weeks at a time, suffered me to learn that there wasn’t any point in all-nighters. Any code submissions [ha! what an appropriate word] written after a certain point in the evening would only be regretted and rewritten in the clear light of following days.

Each new post from Patrick Wyatt about his history at Blizzard is a lovely read. This one is no exception.

I always felt that original Starcraft was a rock-solid game, so learning how its development process really looked like is kind of surprising.