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Full war declaration statement from DPRK (via KCNA…

This war will not be a three day-war but it will be a blitz war through which the KPA will occupy all areas of south Korea including Jeju Island at one strike, not giving the U.S. and the puppet warmongers time to come to their senses, and a three-dimensional war to be fought in the air, land and seas and on the front line and in the rear.

This sacred war of justice will be a nation-wide, all-people resistance involving all Koreans in the north and the south and overseas in which the traitors to the nation including heinous confrontation maniacs, warmongers and human scum will be mercilessly swept away.

Orwell was not wrong after all, albeit it’s easy to forget so in the West.

The Secret History of Kim Jong Il – By Kim Hyun Sik

Despite such vigorous displays of bravado, Kim Il Sung did not appear satisfied. “That’s all very well,” he replied. “But what if we lose? What shall we do if we lose?”

Kim Il Sung’s prodding was unexpected. The moment that their Great Leader uttered the word “lose,” the generals’ lips closed and remained tightly shut. As they sat still in extreme anxiety, the 51-year-old Kim Jong Il suddenly stood up. Raising his clenched fists, Kim yelled out, “Great Leader! I will be sure to destroy the Earth! What good is this Earth without North Korea?”

Kim Il Sung looked at his eldest son and smiled.

“That is surely the answer. I am pleased to see that a new North Korean general has been born at this very gathering. Henceforth, I transfer to you the operational command of the North Korean military.”

A former high school teacher of Kim Jong Il shares his memories of the Dear Leader and the life in North Korea.

Seoul Warns of North Korean Threat – Online Gaming Hackers

Despite its decrepit economy, North Korea is believed to train an army of computer programmers and hackers. The police in Seoul said Thursday that four South Koreans and a Korean-Chinese had been arrested on charges of drawing on that army to organize a hacking squad of 30 young video gaming experts.
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South Korea accuses North for making money to support the regime in such an absurd way that it sounds like a silly propaganda.

North Korea’s cinema of dreams

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il’s love of film is well-documented, but few outsiders know that he is revered as a genius of cinema by his own people.

Now, this groundbreaking film opens a window inside the world’s most secretive country and an elite academy, where young actors are hand-picked to serve a massive propaganda machine.

Filmmakers Lynn Lee and James Leong spent more than two years on this project, becoming the first foreigners to film inside Pyongyang’s University of Cinematic and Dramatic Arts.

Carefully peak at members of North Korea’s “high-society”.

North Korea

On your arrival you will be assigned to a guide and a driver. That will constantly follow you. You can’t leave the hotel on your own. The daily program consists of 2-3 visits to a landmark. In the hotel you can watch BBC, NTV (russian chan),and a couple of chinese channels, so you can’t really complain about freedom of speech. The food is good, and you can’t complain about that either. In a park he saw elder women picking up herbs, the guide said that it was for the rabbits, although it was clear that it was the kind of herb that the “owners of the rabbits” could eat.

Pictures from a trip to North Korea. There’s nothing shocking there – just a plain despair.

Kwangmyong (intranet)

Kwangmyong (Chosongul: 광명; Hanja: 光明; meaning “bright”) is a North Korean nationwide intranet and wide area network released in 2000. It has a browser, an e-mail program, news groups and a search engine. Only a small number of government approved people are allowed to use the Internet, so all other people must use Kwangmyong.

While North Korea is disconnected from the internet, it has its own network subsidized by the government.