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I was shocked. Almost immediately I found it hilarious…then outrageous…then both. It is definitely clever. But it raises many questions. E-books can be manipulated at will by the purveyors of the downloadable software. Here is a classic work of fiction (some claim it is the greatest novel every written) used for a sophomoric and/or commercial prank. What else might be changed in an e-book? Fears of manipulation for economic, political, religious, or other ideological ends come to mind. It makes one wary of the integrity of any digital version of not only War and Peace…but any e-book.

I’m trying to imagine every occurrence of the word “penguin” being replaced with “harper” in books published by Harper Collins. And I can’t. But this is pretty much what Barnes and Noble did here.

Barnes & Noble goes after Kindle with Nook Simple Touch Reader

Instead of buttons, the new Nook makes use of a black and white E-ink infrared touchscreen (not unlike the new Kobo e-reader announced yesterday), allowing users to simulate turning pages by touching the screen with their fingers. There’s an on-screen keyboard for searching and making notes, but Lynch said not to worry about the typical lag that comes with slow E-ink screens—the Nook apparently shows 80 percent less screen “flashing” when turning pages or typing on the screen.

New Nook looks well! But I don’t think it’s about hardware anymore. Amazon will catch up sooner or later and they seem to be much more ahead when it comes to distribution. In ideal world I would have a freedom to choose a reading device and be able to access content from any publisher without hassle.