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You Are Boring

Everything was going great until you showed up. You see me across the crowded room, make your way over, and start talking at me. And you don’t stop.You are a Democrat, an outspoken atheist, and a foodie. You like to say “Science!” in a weird, self-congratulatory way. You wear jeans during the day, and fancy jeans at night. You listen to music featuring wispy lady vocals and electronic bloop-bloops.

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If this article will stop at least one person from posting food pictures on Instagram, it will serve its purpose. But that’s a lot to hope for.

The Tyranny of Meritocracy

You can argue about why this is–are the upper middle class transmitting real skills, or pull?  But does it matter? As an editor at The Economist once noted to me, it’s actually rather more worrying if what they’re giving their children is a strong education and an absolutely ferocious work ethic.  An aristocracy that simply bequeaths money and social position to its children will eventually fall.  And aristocracy that bequeaths the actual skills required to earn more money than everyone else is self perpetuating.  

So the problem with “elite” is that they have strong work ethic and teach their kids the same? How the children of the underprivileged are supposed to learn that one has to work hard to achieve anything? There’s no way! That’s so unfair!

One of the most confusing articles I’ve read in a while.