Questions You Absolutely Must Ask Your Interviewer

“What has the employee turnover rate been over the past 24 months?” Companies are proud if they can point to their employees’ loyalty and longevity. If they hesitate to answer this question, they may have a revolving door. An agency with a high turnover has real management problems and trouble keeping clients. Clients and employees want stability.

“What’s the company’s policy on work/life balance?” Do they live to work or work to live? An honest answer up front will save you from missing your kid’s school play or getting a 3:00 a.m. phone call from your boss. The answer you receive is an indication of how much the company values and respects their employees’ non-workplace lives.

Applying for a new, seemingly exciting job can easily make the interviewee forget that he is the one with the most too lose. It’s good to keep these questions as a checklist for potential employers.