Mapgate Is Over. Apple Won. Customers Won. Google, Not So Much.

The iPhone, not Android, is Google’s most important mobile platform. The company has admitted that it makes more in ads on the iPhone than it does on Android devices. When Asymco’s Horace Dediu tried to estimate the difference, he came up with a vast gulf—Google makes about $6 annually on each iPhone, compared to less than $2 for each Android, Dediu says.

Maybe Apple won and Tim Cook played the whole situation well, yet it’s the first time ever that I’m waiting with iOS upgrade. Google Maps web app just doesn’t cut and while Apple Maps are pretty, the data quality is simply disappointing. What’s worse, it’s not just a problem that could be fixed with software update. Google put tremendous amount of time and effort to collect quality data they have now and even if Apple is serious about entering the map business it will take them lots of time to get to the same level.