JavaScript is the new Perl

Still don’t believe that JavaScript is the new Perl? jQuery and NodeJS modules, likened to a very distributed collection of Perl modules, are the glue that holds together the JavaScript ecosystem, provides browser compatibility, and it admittedly does a pretty good job; however, sooner or later, the lack of language constructs like truly enforceable namespace boundaries, and the general mess created when teams get a little bit bigger is going to set in. This is seen over and over as the new wave of developers comes into corporate life: Larger companies try out new technologies all the time, then decide it’s costing measurably, and switch back to a stack that is resilient enough to withstand sloppy code.
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Luckily I don’t have to worry about the mythical “enterprise” beast anymore. While JavaScript is sure to evolve and I am in fact looking forward to features similar to introduced by TypeScript, I don’t see it being replaced by something like Java anytime soon. That would be a regression.