Hey, Guys, It’s Totally Okay If You Don’t Get Rich

And I think that matters, and I think it’s worth saying again: We put a lot of pressure on men to build empires and to get rich doing it. And men process this deeply, and it can be as insidious as a young woman’s obsession with being thin. And we don’t talk about it. We don’t actively discourage men from feeling this way.
Why? I’ll offer that this imbalance comes from a one-sided “feminist” culture that emphasizes all the ways in which women are victims while neatly overlooking the emotional struggles of the modern man. “You poor things,” we tell women, “the world is a mean place, and you’re something that can be easily hurt.”
We would never say that to our men. We would never project an inherent weakness onto men the way we do when we write about how the pressure to be beautiful hurts women.

Great article that gives a healthy perspective on self-imposed struggles of many men.