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My Experiment Opting Out of Big Data Made Me Look Like a Criminal

No one should have to act like a criminal just to have some privacy from marketers and tech giants. But the data-driven path we are currently on, paved with heartwarming rhetoric of openness, sharing and connectivity, actually undermines civic values, and circumvents checks and balances. The President’s report can’t come soon enough. When it comes to our personal data, we need better choices than either “leave if you don’t like it” or no choice at all. It’s time for a frank public discussion about how to make personal information privacy not just a series of check boxes but a basic human right, both online and off.

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As an experiment, a woman tries to hide her pregnancy from online trackers. Not only it turned out to be pretty much impossible, but also exposed how deeply “big data” penetrated our society without a serious discussion on its implications to privacy.