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Where Did We Wander from the Path?

The insecurities of a parent and human being, poorly articulated, generalized, projected onto others, and otherwise all messed up into a ball of vague and dangerously pandering pilotage. Yeah, it’s one of those posts.

The summary is true. Moaning over the lost childhood joy of life.

Has Oracle been a disaster for Sun’s open source?

As far as Oracle is concerned, everything is going swimmingly:

Oracle Corporation today announced fiscal 2010 Q4 GAAP total revenues were up 39% to $9.5 billion, while non-GAAP total revenues were up 40% to $9.6 billion.

In particular, Sun seems to be making plenty of money:

We estimate that the acquired business [Sun] will contribute over $1.5 billion to Oracle’s non-GAAP operating profit in the first year, increasing to over $2 billion in the second year. This would make the Sun acquisition more profitable in per share contribution in the first year than we had planned for the acquisitions of BEA, PeopleSoft and Siebel combined,” said Oracle President Safra Catz.

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Open source fans may cry over Sun, but Oracle was able to rapidly profit from the acquisition.

Why did so many successful entrepreneurs and startups come out of PayPal? Answered by Insiders

As a result, David enforced an anti-meeting culture where any meeting that included more than 3-4 people was deemed suspect and subject to immediate adjournment if he gauged it inefficient. Our annual review forms in 2002 included a direction to rate the employee on “avoids imposing on others’ time, e.g. scheduling unnecessary meetings.”
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Great article on PayPal culture.

Shadow of the 16-bit Beast: an Amiga gaming retrospective

It was about the type of people that were attracted to it—their “can-do” attitude. When I started consulting on PC projects after the Amiga, I was surprised that developers were not eager to try something unless some other developer had already done it. With the Amiga developers, it was almost pointless to try for an effect unless NOBODY had done it before.

The romantic retrospective of Amiga game industry.

Core77 speaks with Jonathan Ive on the design of the iPhone 4: Material Matters

In our quest to quickly make three-dimensional objects, we can miss out on the experience of making something that helps give us our first understandings of form and material, of the way a material behaves–‘I press too hard here, and it breaks here’ and so on. Some of the digital rendering tools are impressive, but it’s important that people still really try and figure out a way of gaining direct experience with the materials.
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Jonathan Ivy on iPhone 4 and importance of intimate understanding of materials.